Mixed Martial Arts








Combat Submission Wrestling is the training methodology created by Sensei Erik Paulson to
teach all the necessary skills for Mixed Martial Arts and Submission Fighting events as well as
personal protection.

Paulson’s no-nonsense approach develops all aspects of a fighters game including striking,
kicking, defensive skills, takedowns, grappling and more. With great conditioning exercises and
heavy emphasis on practical “mat time” experience, Paulson’s CSW will make your art work!

CSW uses the tools, techniques and training methods from Shooto, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo,
Filipino Dumog, muay Thai, Savate, Catch-as-catch-can, and Freestyle Wrestling to create a vast
arsenal of weapons to use in any situation.

You will learn to go from Stand Up, through the Clinch and Takedowns into the Grappling world
with a whole tool box of skills!

We are proud to represent Sensei Erik Paulson, 2X Shoot Light Heavyweight Champion, and
Combat Submission Wrestling here in Michigan.

•High Level Combat Submission Wrestling for Sport and Self-Defense
•Achieve ranking in CSW & STX Kickboxing
•Combining Stand Up fighting, Throwing, Grappling & Submissions in CSW
•Techniques, Counters, Re-counters
•Sparring and more…